About fifteen years ago one corporate client, impressed by the exacting quality of Michael Wasserman's work as an interpreter, asked:

"Can you supply simultaneous interpreting equipment for our upcoming event, as well as interpreters?"

The answer was:

"Let me see what I can do."

As it turned out, what we could do in regard to the quality of equipment and technical support that went with it exceeded the client's expectations. Ever since, we have been supplying equipment and technicians along with interpreters. In the last few years we have been "discovered" as an equipment supplier and have been asked repeatedly to provide our booths and technicians even to events for which we did not supply interpreters.

What equipment do we provide today?

Booths, headset receivers and everything that is needed to connect the microphone in the booth to the headset: amplifiers, transmitters, antennas. Our technicians come with the equipment, set it up, operate it throughout the event making all necessary adjustments, strike the equipment at the end of the event, and take it away. To make the package complete, we provide podium and lavaliere microphones for speakers and public address systems. This way we are responsible for the entire set up which provides a seamless net of safety over your entire conference. No need to interface with any other equipment or service providers. The client has the peace of mind to concentrate on substantive aspects of the event, knowing that both interpreters and equipment came from Michael Wasserman. Clients who like to shop around for the best price tell us that our prices are very reasonable. This is because usually our technicians bring the equipment with them, instead of shipping it, and because providing the entire package permits us to cut costs in many other ways.

We supply simultaneous interpreting equipment in many countries of the world.

For those clients who want to assume the responsibility of owning their own conference equipment we can help select as well as design, tailor-make and install a large or a small system, depending on client's individual needs and preferences.