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7731 North Eastlake Terrace
Chicago, IL 60626
Telephone (773) 715-1407



Born 1949 in Riga, Latvia.


1975 US State Department Interpreting Course

1971 M.S. in Mathematics, Latvian State University

1966 Physics High School #13 in Riga, Latvia


Thirty years' experience as a free-lance simultaneous interpreter and technical translator to and from English, Russian and Latvian, provider of interpreting equipment and interpreters. Instructor of Legal Translation, University of Chicago.


      Jobs Conference (Kobe, Japan)

      Parliamentary security Meetings (Chicago, IL).


      President Putin's speech in his bid for Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 (Guatemala City,      Guatemala).


Bush-Gorbachev Summit meeting (Washington, DC).

US Information Agency

      President Reagan's meeting with Soviet media executives (Washington, DC).


      Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia (Fort Worth, TX).

U.S. Department of Energy

U.S. Power Generation conference (Moscow, Russia)

Workshop on preparing financial packages for Russian power plants. MW provided all interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment (Gatlinburg, TN);

Workshop on energy-efficient construction. MW provided equipment and interpretation; (Moscow, Russia);

US-Kazakhstan workshop on energy-efficient construction. MW provided equipment and interpretation (Washington, DC);

      Workshop on corporate, financial and legal structure of utilities (Charleston, SC);

      U.S. High Temperature Gas Turbine Mission to Russia (Moscow, Russia);

      Power Generation and Distribution Law International Conference (Moscow, Russia);

Workshop on technologies and experience of oil and gas production in the Arctic. MW provided 25 English-Russian interpreters (Anchorage, Alaska);

      Workshop on export controls at the Nuclear Research Institute (Kiev, Ukraine);

Workshop on oil spill emergency response system (Odessa, Ukraine); MW provided interpreters and equipment.

Talks with Kazakhstan on energy-efficient construction (Washington, DC). MW provided 8 interpreters and equipment.

Oil Spill Response Workshop for Heads of RF Administrations (Oak Ridge, TN). MW provided interpreters and equipment.

Kazakhstan Nuclear Study Tour (Washington, DC, Yucca Mountain, NE). MW provided interpreters and equipment.

US-Kazakhstan Energy Partnership (Washington, DC). MW provided 10 interpreters and equipment.


      Evolving Opportunities in the Russian Mining Sector (Toronto, Canada).

Shell Oil (Criterion)

      Ebullated Bed Resid Upgrading Workshop (Kananaskis, Canada)

Environmental Protection Agency

Scientific exchange on Dose Reconstruction. (Site visits to Chernobyl, Chelyabinsk and other nuclear accident locations);

       U.S./Gazprom Working Group meetings (Moscow).

University of California

      Workshops on Dose Reconstruction. MW provided equipment and interpreting.

Brown University

      Oral history conference: End of Cold War (Providence, RI).

Centers for Disease Control

Nuclear Epidemiology Seminars. MW provided interpreters and equipment.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Exchange program with GOSSTANDART, Russia. Annual meetings (in the U.S. and Russia).

Argonne National Laboratory

Scientific exchange with Semipalatinsk, Novaia Zemlia and other Russian scientists on nuclear armaments.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

New generation nuclear power plant design and operation. MW provided all interpreters and equipment;

      Odessa Ecoport project workshop (Odessa, Ukraine.) MW provided interpreting and          equipment;

      Oil spill rapid response and containment (Constanza, Romania).

Livermore National Laboratory

Russian and Byelorussian scientist briefings on LabŐs cutting edge research.

Sandia National Laboratory

Nuclear arsenal support conferences (London, England and Vienna, Austria).

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Program to assist GOSATOMNADZOR in writing Russian legislation on commissioning and decommissioning nuclear power plants.

U.S. Department of Defence

Workshops with Russian Ministry of Defence on nuclear arsenal stewardship in the post-CBNT era (London, England and Vienna, Austria);

5th US-Russian Federation Missile Defence Exercise (MDEX) (Ft. Bliss, TX);

Information Exchange with Kazakhstan Military Police (Fort McPherson, GA; Ft. Leonard Wood, MO);

US-Russia GPS-GLONASS WG-1 Meeting (Cocoa Beach, FL);

US-Kazakhstan Five-year Planning Working Group (Tampa, FL);

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan PJ training (Albuquerque, NM);

CENTCOM Staff Talks with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan (Tampa, FL);

ECOFORUM 2008 (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Center for Naval Analysis

Sea Power Forum (Washington, DC).

Arthur Andersen

      The Energy Symposium (Houston, TX).

MacArthur Foundation

      Panel discussions and award ceremony for creative and effective NGOs (Chicago, IL). Annually. MW provides interpreters in all languages and equipment.


IRIDIUM satellite communications project Board of Directors meetings (Chicago, IL and Bangkok, Thailand);

Cellular communications and data transmittal infrastructure (training for Russian network operators). MW provided equipment (Schaumburg, IL);

Land Mobile Product Sector certification exercises (Schaumburg, IL);

      iDEN group negotiations (Schaumburg, IL);

       The Global Distributor Summit (Schaumburg and Chicago, IL) MW provided interpreters.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
Underwriters Laboratories

Conference on industry-generated standards (Washington, DC).

The MITRE Corporation

US-Russia ecological conference on the use of defence satellites and space photography for environmental purposes (Washington, DC).

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Exchange program on seismic construction (Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA).

National Institutes of Health

Cancer conference (Washington, DC).

      Conference on bypass surgery (Washington, DC).

Illinois General Assembly

Exchange program with members of CIS legislatures (Springfield, IL).

Arctic Council

      Arctic Council Meeting (Anchorage, AK).

      Senior Arctic Officials' Meeting (Barrow, AK).

Canada Department of Public Works and Government Services

      High Containment Laboratories (Winnipeg, Canada);

      Inuit: Unity within Diversity. 2006 ICC General Assembly (Barrow, AK);

      Paper and pulp seminar (Montréal, Canada);

      Mining seminar (Toronto, Canada);

      The Judicial Exchange (Banff Springs, Canada);  

The visit of His Excellency Gundars Daudze, Speaker, Latvian Saeima (Ottawa, Toronto, Canada)

The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

      Board of Directors and Working Meeting (Guatemala City, Guatemala);

      Board of Directors and Working Meeting (Kunming, China);

      Board of Directors and Working Meeting (New Delhi, India);

      Partnership Forum (Dakar, Senegal)

North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

Annual meetings (Vancouver, BC, Seattle, WA, Juneau, AK, Vladivostok, Russian Federation, Jeju, Korea).

U.S. Postal Service

International conference on latest research in mail processing robotics (fuzzy sets, etc.) (Washington, DC).

Union Carbide

High-density polyethylene plant technology transfer to Russia. Training program for Russian plant operators (Piscataway, NJ).

United States Information Agency

U.S.A. conference of the Presidents of U.S.S.R. Universities;

      Small Business Administration school for Russian businessmen;

      U.S.-U.S.S.R. Information Talks (Chief Interpreter).

American Bar Association

A.A. Sobchak, Mayor of Leningrad: appearances in the U.S.A.

GE Executive Training Course

GAZPROM executive training workshops (Crotonville, NY, and Moscow, Russia). Michael Wasserman supplied interpreting equipment and 14 interpreters).

GE Power Systems

Turbine control training workshop.

U.S. Federal Reserve

Workshop for the heads of Central Banks of NIC.

U.S. Department of Commerce

      U.S.-U.S.S.R. Commercial Commission;

Capital Goods and Overseas Construction Department seminars and meetings (in the US, Russia and France).

      Legal Department workshops on commercial law (Chicago, IL).

International Monetary Fund

      Taxes in Emerging Economies Seminar (Washington, DC).

      Conference on Second Generation Reforms (Washington, DC).

World Bank (Board of Governors)

      Annual meetings (Washington, DC).

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings

Meetings XXII-XXV (in Tromso, Norway; Lima, Peru; The Hague, Netherlands; Warsaw, Poland; Madrid, Spain; Cape Town, South Africa; Stockholm, Sweden; Edinburgh, UK; New Delhi, India.)

Brown University

      Oral history conference: End of Cold War.


      Soccer World Cup USA 1994 (Chicago, IL)


The Seventeenth World Basketball Congress, World Basketball Championship (Indianapolis, IN)

AIBA (International Association of Amateur Boxing)

AIBA Extraordinary Congress (Chicago, IL)

FILA (International Association of Amateur Wrestling)

      Congress (Beijing, China)

International Olympic Committee

      Games of the XXVIth Olympiad (the Centennial Olympic Games) (Atlanta, GA)

      The Winter Olympics (Nagano, Japan.)

      The Winter Olympics (Salt Lake City, UT)

      The 114th IOC Session (Mexico City, Mexico)

      The 119th IOC Session (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

      The 120th IOC Session (Beijing, China)

      The XXIXth Olympic Games (Beijing, China)

Pepsi Cola

      Pepsi Ring of Honor (San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Albany, NY.) Annually.

Encore Entertainment

      Treasures of Russia from Peterhof exhibition (Las Vegas, NV).

      Faberge Collection at Casa Loma press conference (Toronto, Canada).

The Field Museum

      Kremlin Gold exhibition (Chicago, IL). MW provided all interpreters.

United Methodist Church

      Quadrennial Conference (Fort Worth, TX).

Herbalife International

Herbalife Extravaganzas, Presidential Summits, Universities and Weekend Leadership Training Sessions (Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Prague, Stuttgart, Rimini, Montecatini, Tokyo (3 times), Osaka, Kobe, Chiba, Fukuoka,  Hong Kong, Moscow (3 times), Hawaii, Paris, Anaheim, Long Beach, Singapore).

Heartland International

A Training Program for Armenian Water Sector Specialists: Institutional and Regulatory Issues for the Water Sector (Chicago, IL).

International Launch Services

      Astra 1K Launch Campaign (Baikonur, Kazakhstan).

A short list of other interpreting clients and conference events:

U.S. Department of Commerce - Capital Goods and Overseas Construction

U.S. Department of Commerce Legal Department

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Senate Committee on Finance

U.S. Department of Agriculture

United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Dallas-Riga Lawyers' Exchange

U.S.I.A. Television

American Council of Young Political Leaders

Illinois General Assembly

President Reagan: U.S. - U.S.S.R. Information Bilaterals

National Center for Environmental Health

John Marshall Law School - Elena Bonner's speech

Small Business Administration

Arnold and Porter Law Firm

Payhauler Corporation

International Harvester

Melroe International

Urschell Laboratories

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

V. Mueller Medical Equipment

Source/Inc. advertising agency

Morgan Building Systems

Clarke Equipment

D & D Distribution

TLI International Corporation

Executives' Club of Chicago

U.S. - U.S.S.R. Enterprises

Don Meier Productions: "Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom"



Vibration Technology Quarterly

Executive Club of Chicago

Design Strategies

National Harvester Grapple Skidder Manual

Briefing books for GE Executive Training Programs

Encyclopaedia Britannica: Reconciling the Russian copy of contract with the English version

A.S. Pushkin. Little Tragedies: The Covetous Knight and Mozart and Salieri (plays in verse)

Flann O'Brien. The Third Policeman (a novel)

Platonov. Sparrow's Travels (a story)

The Treasures of Russia from Peterhof Catalogue

Italian baroque terracotta from The Hermitage collection Catalogue (The Art Institute of Chicago)

Russia, the Spiritual Well of the World Catalogue (The Field Museum of Natural History)


References and letters of recommendation from above clients:

Available upon request