S E R V I C E S    I N    C I S    C O U N T R I E S

Since the former Soviet Union opened up a few years ago, Michael Wasserman has worked on creating an interpreting cadre on the ground. He has established connections with the best existing interpreters in Moscow, Kiev and Riga, and conducted workshops to bring new talent up to the level expected by our clients. Today they are available to work for you at very competitive rates, without the expense of air travel, hotels and per diem. While in order to get the truly best people in the world, one would still have to bring from the US Michael Wasserman personally or some of his high-level colleagues, yet the group of interpreters assembled and groomed by us in the CIS is a strong team ready to support your everyday business and special events in Russia and the CIS countries.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment and technicians are also available in any of the CIS cities.