Michael Wasserman - Interpreter

Services in CIS Countries  
Michael Wasserman is an international technical translator and conference interpreter specializing in Russian, English, and Latvian. Among his thousands of assignments have been NBC coverage of the Bush-Gorbachev Summit, the G-7 meetings in Kobe, Japan, and the Atlanta and Nagano Olympic games. He began working for the U.S. State Department in 1974. Today he is at the pinnacle of his profession.

Respected by diplomats, businessmen, statesmen and colleagues as a world authority in the field of language, Mr. Wasserman has pioneered and taught many techniques only now beginning to be used by other top interpreters, including audience attention management (to increase listeners' verbal comprehension), theatrical acting for interpreters, creative writing, and psychological preparation techniques.

Since 1993 Mr. Wasserman has provided clients with top-level conference interpreters as well as with more affordable, seminar-level and escort interpreters. He successfully staffed a U.S. Department of Energy conference in Anchorage, Alaska with 25 interpreters and organized interpreting and translating services on the ground during the conference. He also has an extensive record of supplying top quality simultaneous interpreting equipment (booths, microphones, headsets, etc.).

In addition to providing interpreters and equipment in America, Mr. Wasserman has, beginning in 1998, selected, developed and educated a number of professional conference interpreters in the former Soviet Union. These interpreters are currently organized into several dedicated teams prepared for assignments in any of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Simultaneous interpreting equipment is available there as well.

He has extensive performance experience and has done simultaneous interpreting of theatrical works and television shows as well as dubbing of films and commercial and artistic voiceovers.

Michael Wasserman is one of the foremost names in the world today in the area of translation of written documents between Russian and English: he has to his credit an impressive list of translations of books of fiction, textbooks, museum catalogues, equipment manuals, training courses and business correspondence.